Advantages of Using a Labeling System





Using a labeling system makes it easy for employees to identify and classify products, and is an excellent way to save space on the production line. With their low space and investment requirements, these systems are also suitable for both side and wrap-around labeling. The best part of these systems is their ease of use, and you can easily add-on additional modules as needed. You can also easily change the layout of the machine as the situation demands. These CTM Labeling Systems  come with customizable options and are designed to fit any business' needs.


One type of labeling system is a print and apply system, which produces labels and applies them in one process. This type of labeling system comes with a label printer and a label dispenser. Another type of labeling machine is a only-apply unit, which simply loads the labels into a machine and prints them out. Fortunately, both types of labeling systems can be customized to fit any company's specific needs.


Another type of labeling system is an in-line solution, which is ideal for high-volume applications. This type of labeling machine offers the highest level of functional reliability. Whether it's a one- or two-sided system, it can handle both linerless label materials. The systems are user-friendly and are perfect for both in-line and stand-alone labeling applications. There are many different models available for this purpose, which include the 132M, 040M, and 362M for side labeling. Further, custom solutions are also available upon request.


The next type of in-line labeling system is an automated marking system. These systems are designed to print labels directly onto products. These systems typically use ink to mark items, and these devices can be used to apply the labels to products quickly. Laser markers are the most commonly used laser-based labeling machines. The machines are highly flexible and can be customized to fit your specific requirements. A CTM manual system is also available for small businesses. There are many advantages to a labeling system, including convenience and ease of use.



HERMA M series: HERMA M series labels are the most popular labeling systems, and these machines are often used in manufacturing applications where maximum productivity is essential. With these in-line systems, you can choose between a stand-alone or in-line labeling solution. For example, the HERMA M362M is designed for side labeling, while the 132M HC is specifically built for pharmaceutical industries.

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